Monday, January 28, 2013


Deciding on an action research project is something that seems a little overwhelming.  One of my greatest concerns was being able to find a topic to research that did not overwhelm me, but also had enough substance to be able to have some sort of affect on the campus vision.  Of course, this requires that there be an issue currently facing the school that my principal would allow me to research and that I believed would have enough data to support significant finding.  Luckily we are going through a scheduling issue that fits all of these criteria perfectly.  As opposed to studying the "double-blocking" issue that is very interesting to me, my site supervisor encouraged me to look into the possibility of researching the scheduling of tutorials during the day as opposed to offering it after school on a volunteer basis.  Our middle school is currently transitioning from after school tutorials to a modified schedule on certain days of the week to include in school tutorial time.  As a result, I will have a significant amount of data to support the decision to either continue this schedule next year or to return to the after school tutorial time.  Hopefully this decision will fit well into the action research project guidelines that are shaping this course and the other courses to follow.

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