Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tutorial Program Update

           The in-school tutorial program is currently in progress and the first round of tutoring is almost complete as the STAAR test approaches.  The original problem was attendance issues with the after school volunteer tutorial program.  This issue is definitely being resolved as students are required to attend tutorials.  We have implemented and adapted schedule on Tuesday and Thursday allowing for an additional 45 minute period at the end of the day.  Every student reports to their “homeroom” class during this extra period.  At that point, those students who are in need of tutorials report to their assigned tutorial teacher.

In order to make testing day procedures more routine for the students, “homeroom” classes were assigned according to the room in which they will take the STAAR test.  Also, the teacher assigned to them during the turorial program will be the same teacher that administers the test to them.
The only concern teachers had is that it would be difficult to keep the students who are not in need of tutorials on task.  Strict rules concerning what these students were allowed to do had to be put into place before the tutorials were initiated.  In addition, extracurricular events such as band and choir used this time to rehearse for upcoming competitions.  This helped to reduce the number of students in classrooms.

One problem that we have discovered is confusion concerning where students should be going during the tutorial time.  For instance, if a student is to report to their homeroom class with Mr. Anderson, but Mr. Anderson is tutoring math students today, then that student needs to be assigned an alternate classroom.  Also, if a student is going to a student club or organization’s meeting during that time, there has to be a list of who is allowed to go.  This process can become confusing to teachers as they are trying to take attendance and even more confusing to students who do not pay close attention to their room assignment.

Overall, the process has gone as smooth as could be expected and students are now receiving tutoring on Monday and Wednesday as well.  This makes four days a week that tutoring is happening for those students who need extra help.  As the STAAR comes and goes, so will the adapted tutoring schedule.  The amount of work that it takes for teachers to adapt their daily schedule will hopefully pay off when the success of students is realized as test results are returned to us in the near future.

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